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“Know” Maintenance Landscaping vol. II

“Know” Maintenance Landscaping – vol. 2 “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all” – Peter Drucker This is one of my all-time favorite quotes (I have many taped to my office door – see photo), and I think it is valid for a lot of the […]

“Know” Maintenance Landscaping

  This is the first in a series of articles that can help you get the most from your landscaping while doing the least amount of work.  Pruning is one of those chores that is often done for the wrong reason, or at the wrong time of year. We are often asked questions like “is […]

My Gardeners Keeper

  “Always weeds. I respect their admirable qualities — grit, tenacity, resolve — even as I lie awake plotting their annihilation.”  – Matthew Hennessy Every once in a while, I read something that I feel compelled to share with the world.  I come from a family that is obsessed with or connection to the land.  […]

The Garden of Weedin’

“A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill, except for learning how to grow in rows”. – Doug Larson   If your garden is like mine, you spend a lot of time weeding, preventing weeds, and complaining about weeds. In fact as I write this, my wife has just spent several days […]

Something Old, Something New……..And Now for Something Completely Different

The nursery industry and the gardening public seem to have an unhealthy fixation on NEW.  We can’t wait for the next Knock Out® Rose, or Proven Winners® annual, coralbells, or hosta.  I am guilty of this myself, regularly stocking the shelves here with all the latest new plants. But when it comes right down to […]