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Watering Guidelines For New Trees and Shrubs


Watering Can

Proper watering is essential for the survival and establishment of plants in the landscape.

Typically, new plants should be watered 1 to 3 times per week during their first few months in the landscape. Some plants (birch, katsura tree, willow, and many evergreens, for example) may require a longer period of intensive care.

During very warm and windy weather, daily watering may be necessary for plants that were grown in containers.

The amount of water to be given (at each watering) depends on the size of the plant.  Provide 1-2 gallons of water per inch of trunk diameter (trees) or for every foot of height (shrubs).  For example, a 2-inch caliper tree should receive 2-4 gallons of water at each watering.

Initially (first month or more), water should be applied directly over the original root system, gradually expanding the area (around the plant) receiving water to reflect the growing root system.

We want you and your plants to be successful, so don’t hesitate to ask our staff questions!

Printable Watering Instructions